Our offer includes:

1 Power transformers with DETC and OLTC voltage regulation (exemplary data sheet insert).
2 Oil-immersed earthing transformers (data sheet insert – standard versions).
3 Dry-type earthing transformers with resin/roving insulation
4 Oil-immersed arc-suppression coils
5 Dry-type arc-suppression coils with resin/roving insulation
6 Variable regulation dry-type arc suppression coils with resin/roving insulation. -
7 Oil-immersed shunt reactors
8 Dry-type short-circuit current limiting reactors (please contact us for detailed technical data)
9 Transformers for flame-proof housings in mining industry
10 Dry-type transformers with resin/roving insulation, standard version and versions designed for operation with 6-, 12-, and more-than-12-pulse converters, inverters and rectifiers
11 Power supply transformers for electric traction, electric machine drives, electrolytic plants, induction furnaces, excitation systems for generators, etc. (please contact us for detailed technical data)
12 Autotransformers for asynchronous motors’ starting circuits (please contact us for detailed technical data)
13 Power supply transformers for marine applications, e.g. power supply of tubular rudders (please contact us for detailed technical data)
14 Distribution transformers
15 Special versions of oil-immersed transformers, dry-type transformers, resin/roving insulated transformers, coils and reactors, manufactured according to Customer request or specified technical requirements